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#1 StrollerAs a cancer survivor, I feel a duty to help others who are struggling to beat the disease. I commend the many foundations that fund research to aid in the treatment and cure of cancer. As a business owner, I am in a unique position to bring the community together to support a cause. I have teamed up with the Luck2Tuck Foundation on a different kind of project.

Children fighting cancer often spend weeks or months in the sterile environment of the hospital. Our goal is simple, to make these patients smile.

Baby Fans has teamed up with the Luck2Tuck foundation to help patients decorate their hospital rooms so that they can feel more comfortable during their hospital stay. We work Boston's Children's Hospital and allow their staff to choose kids who are admitted for a prolonged period of time. Every time we raise $400.00 the hospital will give to a patient a gift card so that they can decorate their room. They can buy posters, music players, toys and more to help make their stay just a little bit brighter.

I was inspired by a family friend whose son was a recipient of such a treat: Tucker, a 17 year old spent over 6 months battling leukemia at Boston Children's Hospital. One day, a nurse presented him with a Target gift card to shop online for posters, wall decorations, etc to redecorate his hospital room. Next, he went on an online shopping spree. That little gesture allowed him to feel more comfortable in his room during his stay. Tucker passed away on October 9th, 2012 after six brave months of fighting the disease. In Tucker’s memory, we strive to brighten a childhood cancer patient’s day with this same type of gift.

You too can help Baby Fans and the Luck2Tuck Foundation brighten up a kid’s day.

Thanks you for helping us!
Todd Wilson
President, Baby Fans Inc.

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