Baby Fans was originally created when the owners were trying to send baby gifts, so we take gift giving very seriously. In fact, every order received is treated like a gift. Clothing items are neatly folded with tissue paper, so that the products do not get tossed around in the box. Then, the items are packaged with tissue paper (the color of the team if possible) and neatly secured in our boxes. Gift notes are printed on individual cards so that the recipient doesn’t need to look at the packing slip to know it was from you.

So, if you are purchasing a gift, rest assure that the recipient will love the gift and the packaging!!

Gift Boxes

Tips for Baby Fans gift givers:

  1. Remember both parents when you pick out your teams, even if they aren’t your favorite.
  2. Babies grow fast! So, rather than buying all newborn items, consider items of different sizes when
    purchasing a gift.
  3. Don’t be afraid to call. If you aren’t sure what to get for the baby or toddler in your life, our customer service agents are happy to help! Simply call 678-453-8588 and one of the Baby Fans team will make sure you get the best gift possible.